Microsoft Small Business Specialist

Alan Leff Associates, Inc. is a Microsoft Registered Partner specializing in small business solutions.

Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

We will help you-

  • Define your business' technology requirements
  • Determine the hardware/software that suits your business
  • Determine office network and internet access requirements
  • Propose alternatives, where appropriate
  • Acquire, install and configure your equipment and/or network
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues
  • Create custom Microsoft Office applications (spreadsheets and/or databases)
  • Program custom websites and intranet applications.
  • Maintain your website, improve search ranking

This is how we work-

  • An initial telephone consultation to determine if we can help you is free
  • Meet with you to understand your business and define requirements
  • Research and propose alternative technology solutions
  • Assist you in acquiring hardware and software
  • Install hardware/software and get the system up and running
  • Setup backup and recovery procedures
  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance, as needed